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LUC VAN ACKER (Buy CDs by this artist)
Heart and Soul EP (Wax Trax!) 1986
Luc Van Acker (Wax Trax!) 1986

Belgium's Van Acker (a member of both the Revolting Cocks and Mussolini Headkick, leader of the short-lived 3 Angry Poles, etc.) is one of the few members of the Chicago/Brussels industrial axis willing to display a gentle side. The cover of his first solo album (aka The Ship) shows him smoothly decked out like a character from Fassbinder's Querelle, and the grooves inside match the image — suave, continental, but slightly off-kilter Eurodisco with a certain quaint regard for listenability. Contributors include Anna Domino and Blaine Reininger. The 12-inch EP is a compilation of two Belgian singles, including a remix of the album's "Heart and Soul."

[Glenn Kenny]
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