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MEDIUM MEDIUM (Buy CDs by this artist)
Medium Medium EP (Cachalot) 1981
The Glitterhouse (Cachalot) 1981

This Nottingham quartet, which played powerful bass-heavy funk, debuted with a single in '78, appeared on a compilation album in '79 and signed with Cherry Red in 1980. Their eponymous EP is one of the best (not to mention earliest) modern Brit-funk records, featuring two versions of the hypnotic "Hungry, So Angry," the tension-filled "Further Than Funk Dream" and "Nadsat Dream," all sung by John Lewis in an angst-filled emotive style that, along with the taut, bubbling rhythm section, distinguishes the band.

Unfortunately, The Glitterhouse, released later the same year and containing both "Hungry, So Angry" and "Further Than Funk Dream," offers nothing else of equal caliber. The remaining material uses too much aural gimmickry and tends to meander aimlessly without ever matching the urgent groove of the EP.

[Dave Schulps]