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OUTTA PLACE (Buy CDs by this artist)
We're Outta Place (Midnight) 1984
Outta Too! (Midnight) 1987

Of NYC's short-lived but plentiful litter of garage revivalists, this quintet was the last to form, the first to reach vinyl and probably the only one young enough not to have been around for the real thing. On their debut, "New York's own cave teens" display plenty of raunch, ripping through seven songs in the most distorted mono imaginable, with cheesy two-finger organ bleats and Mike Chandler's epileptic-fit shrieks. They also display plenty of chutzpah; changing two words of the Chöb's garage classic "We're Pretty Quick" gets Chandler a writing credit and the band a titular theme song.

Begun in '84, Outta Too! was completed and issued three years after the volatile band's demise. Chandler, who had left to front the even more over-the-top Raunch Hands agreed to a sodden evening of vocal sessions and presto! it's 1984 (or was that 1966?) all over again. Outta Place bassist Jordan Tarlow is currently in the Fuzztones, and drummer Andrea Matthews plays with '70s monsters Freaks.

[David Sprague]
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