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SMILEY CULTURE (Buy CDs by this artist)
"Police Officer" (UK Fashion) 1984
"Cockney Translation" (UK Fashion) 1985
The Complete Smiley Culture (UK Fashion) 1986
The Original Smiley Culture (UK Top Notch) 1986
Tongue in Cheek (UK Polydor) 1986

London toaster Smiley Culture is a fresh, smart comic whose records speak directly to and for black Britain. He scored a left-field hit with the anti-racist track "Police Officer." Smiley gets off easy in the song when he's recognized, but the suggestion remains that not all blacks enjoy the same protection. "Cockney Translation," a bright and funny number comparing East End argot with West Indian slang, jokes about the confusing dialects that exist side- to-side in London but makes a point about how separate the groups that use them really are. It also topped the British pop charts for weeks. (The two singles were repackaged as a single showcase EP with a couple of extended remixes thrown in for good measure.)

[Bud Kliment]