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TEENGENERATE (Buy CDs by this artist)
Audio Recording (Cruddy Record Dealership) 1993
Get Action! (Crypt) 1994
Savage!!! (Sympathy for the Record Industry) 1994
Smash Hits! (Estrus) 1995
LIVE at Shelter (Target Earth) 2001
Already! (Japan. Time Bomb) 1997
Original Demo Recordings (Ger. Screaming Apple) 1998

Initially known as the American Soul Spiders, this Tokyo foursome (Fink, Fifi, Sammy and Suck, later replaced by Shoe) named after a Dictators song filters a love for traditional garage-punk through the lo-fi fast-and-hard aesthetic with exciting results. It's significant that the band attacks songs by the Queers ("Kicked Out of the Webelos") and Bill Haley ("Shake, Rattle & Roll") with equal spirit on the seventeen-song recorded-in-one-day Get Action! Meanwhile, singer/guitarist Fink's originals maintain a consistent level of enthusiasm. The same is true of Audio Recording: eleven numbers cut with Scott McCaughey in Seattle one Friday in June '93. Covers include "Shake a Tail Feather," Chuck Berry's "Baby Doll" and Radio Birdman's "Burn My Eye."

The best bet for new converts would have to be Smash Hits!, a compilation drawn from Teengenerate's prodigious catalogue of indie single releases: ace versions of songs by the Zeros, Nervous Eaters and Pretty Things stand alongside the band's frantic originals.

[Scott Schinder]