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ULTRA BIDÉ (Buy CDs by this artist)
God Is God ... Puke Is Puke (Alternative Tentacles) 1995
Super Milk (Alternative Tentacles) 1998

Formed in Kyoto, Japan by singer/bassist Hidé, Ultra Bidé released a pair of albums there before he packed off to New York City and relaunched the group with two other expatriates, guitarist Satoru and drummer Tada, he found there. Playing intricate but engaging art-punk noise with domineering power and subtle control (but crudely profane and sketchy lyrics), the trio does a riveting high-wire act on God Is God...Puke Is Puke, dancing wildly over a pit of chaotic abandon and falling in only some of the time. At its best here ("Saigon Whore," "What the Hell," "Loop" and an Asian-shaped instrumental with an untranslated Japanese title), Ultra Bidé cracks its electric knuckles and plunges into fully formed songs, respecting the loud/soft dynamic spread while mustering the furious intensity of free jazz nerds. Better skronk through responsibility.

[Ira Robbins]