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 The Clean in Austin
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   01-19-12 13:37

We have a festival here every year called Chaos in Tejas. It's 99% hardcore and metal bands, but every year they have one or two bands that break from or transcend tradition - Dead Moon played a few times, as have their successor band Pierced Arrows, Killing Joke was supposed to headline last year.

This year, though, it's the Clean, playing what is apparently their first-ever gig in Texas. I would assume that means a U.S. tour as well, since I can't imagine CiT pays enough to make the trip worth it.


Anyway, I'm jazzed. I've never attended Chaos (wanted to go last year, but Killing Joke cancelled), but I'll go that night.

Ted Leo is playing this year as well.

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 Re: The Clean in Austin
Author: HollowbodyKay 
Date:   01-19-12 15:06


I'd kill to see the Clean.

I once snagged the cassette of "Vehicle" out of a cut-out bin for a dime. That's only a dime away from "FREE." Y'know? Also got the Peel Sessions tape by The Only Ones and all three Souled American albums that same day.

I had two stacks of tapes three feet high apiece. Those were the days.

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 Re: The Clean in Austin
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   01-20-12 08:39

I remember those days. I remember raiding a bargain cassette bin at some record store in a mall around 1991 - got the first 3 Wire records that day, plus a Sebadoh record (which I never liked), some jazz and, yes, a Souled American tape. All for a buck apiece.

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 Re: The Clean in Austin
Author: rhettlawrence 
Date:   01-20-12 12:35

That's awesome about the Clean. Hope they come this way too; we're sorta on their way home....

I still own hundreds of cassettes and listen to them pretty frequently too. And it was only a year or so ago that I stopped buying blank cassettes to use occasionally to dub stuff I got at the library. Now all my piracy is done with CDs. I'm still not "illegally" downloading music, though I'd be hard pressed to explain how stealing music by dubbing a library CD is any different.

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 Re: Clean up Austin. News
Author: Paganizer 
Date:   01-21-12 07:56

Hamish and David played with YLT some time back. Cool, friendly dudes, ready for a party - like most Kiwis. Didn't know they were playing again. Hopefully they will work up some of Dave's catalog.

music news 1
SOPA's not going away. What the media is missing:
The PTB (MPAA, RIAA) have put millions into this - as evidenced by the dual actions of making an example of one file service as well as their expenditure on aisle-crossing Capitol Hill votes - so SOPA will likely be paperclipped to some midnight bill later on. And when that happens there will be major shutdowns (because politicians are not impressed by evidence*). Just observe the Megaupload fiasco. The US is testing new ground over this and looks they don't intend to stop until it becomes a landmark case. (Extraditing a German from New Zealand to face charges in the US...a clear indicator there is powerful muscle behind this; the timing is not as coincidental as some assume). I use MegaUpload to trade listens with my friends (among other larger files) but never used it to find copyrighted albums or movies (word is that the problem chiefly stems from China) and I think it's a thin case compared to the massive expenditures going down - though it sounds like the US strong-armed NZ into paying for the military invasion of Dotcom's house.

But what if the case ends up so thin (for example, other countries won't lend their systems to the aid of USJD/RIAA/MPAA) that it has the opposite effect and even harms, say, iTunes? The stats don't back up what the MPAA is claiming in the first place. They have nowhere to go but down on this and in those kind of situations it's always the consumer or artist that the petitioners (big corporations) make pay while they walk away in the end in the same position as they were before they tried to make a Costa Concordia out of the internet boat by spewing green.

As is the nature of the internet, several sites have already filled the gap left by MegaUpload. And several more will appear in the years (and millions of dollars) that this case will be drug out.

Since this will effect their bottom line the same whether MegaUpload is there or not, you gotta figure that the USJD is in it, at great cost, for another reason: they're going to try to set a landmark decision that gives the Fed control of the net. There's no other way to decide against file sharing than to do what China does (because how else would you control torrents, for example?). And there are freaking Democrats in on this social-right-wing madness.

*For evidence of this you could point out climate change but I like to point out the stupid sudafed law. Any idiot could have told you that if you make meth harder to make, it will just mean more will flow over the border. Any chemist could have told congress that meth is structurally easy to derive and can be made from the paint on the wall. But instead they passed a bill that put Sudafed behind the counter. The meth market wasn't dented but the pharmaceutical companies got to double prices. The (music-related) point being: would congress ask any experts what will happen if they try to censor the net? Did they learn at all from the recent boycott? My guess is...uh, no. Granted, the judicial branch is not the legislative, but this issue appears to stem from one little entwining of instigators and gladhanders.

TL;DR takeaway: The Justice Dept is stupidly wasting money to take the long road to what we all already know, OR, Friends-in-high-places!

Music 2.
I really appreciated St Vincent's nod to the Costello/SNL feud of the 80s on Conan the other night but I have yet to notice anyone else (music-news-wise) that understood the gesture. Guess you had be alive in the eighties to catch the reference.

Post Edited (01-21-12 13:32)

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 Re: Clean up on the East Coast
Author: Heff 
Date:   02-23-12 17:51

Wahoo! - the Clean are coming to DC - tour dates

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