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Author: rebelwithoutaclue 
Date:   04-30-12 11:09

im doing channel surfing and on sundance is 30th century man the Scott Walker documentary seems great so far

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Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   04-30-12 11:11

I saw it in a local theater a few years ago. It is indeed excellent.

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Author: totaji 
Date:   04-30-12 11:35

It made me a fan of the old stuff at least. I haven't got around to the new stuff yet.

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Author: Post-Punk Monk 
Date:   04-30-12 15:26

I waited years following the production on the production company's blog, and the better part of a year was spent seeing it get UK distribution. It finally got a DVD release here, several years after anticipating it from day one, and I have to say it was pretty darned good! It manages to cover a difficult, cagey subject rather well and it casts a spotlight on his full career with equal aplomb. The fact that its subject cooperated with its creation speaks volumes for Walker's mental state. Goodness knows he's had the suits sweating over the last 30 years with tales of breakdown or worse being bandied about with careless alacrity. What ensues is a portrait of a man who is serious about his work, but certainly not a shell-shocked shut-in. I liked the fact that Marc Almond was candid about not being able to follow Walker's work after a certain point was crossed. I like singing on the Walker Brothers albums, but the solo material is of greatest interest to me. The abstract work he's doing now will be grist for many an artistic mill going decades forward. I wish more musicians had the nerve to do such bracing, abstract work. Many of my favorites [such as Simple Minds] began working in a thrilling, abstract mode only to capitulate to more staid, linear work as the years progressed.

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