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 Re: Please Kate
Author: breno 
Date:   01-13-17 09:26


But come on, Kate's not that bad

Hoip's suggested titles sound more like Emo band names from the oughts decade, when deep feeling bearded laddies were regularly naming their combos Fire and Water Vie for My Soul and Fields of Morning Bring Mourning Come Evening.

But anyhow, in defense of Kate, for the most part, those tracks aren't even song titles but are just descriptions of the dramatic bits sprinkled in amongst the songs - which is actually worse than them being song titles. They're the definition of "One listen, and then try to figure out if you can deliberately scrape off the part of the CD that contains them just to be sure you never accidentally listen to them again."

I'm sure to the audience sitting in the theater, they were gripping bits of drama. Listening to them is just a reminder that dear Kate's undisputed brilliance is eternally shackled to her equally undisputed flakiness.

The unwieldy title of "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)" is not really her fault - she wrote the song as "A Deal with God," but her American label rebelled, saying such a title would rile up American Christians, which was a sadly correct point of view. So she grudgingly retitled it "Running Up That Hill," but stubbornly kept her original title as the parenthetical.

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