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Author: STEVE 
Date:   03-09-17 22:58

2017 record of the year.
Equal parts self indulgent prog and punk, perfect.

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Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   03-10-17 11:41

I haven't heard any Cloud Nothings since Attack On Memory. I saw them at Fun Fun Fun Fest a few years ago (with Bob Mould watching from the side of the stage) and thought they sucked, and kind of gave up on them after that. Might've just been a bad gig, though, so I should give them another chance.

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Author: Philippe 
Date:   03-10-17 14:36

Saw them live in 2014; they were excellent (the drummer was particularly good, something that was lacking on their first few albums when Dylan Baldi was playing all the instruments himself).

Their latest is on heavy rotation for me this week. I really like it, but I see how others could find it grating.

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Author: nosepail 
Date:   03-10-17 15:03

I should love them more than I do. As a rockist, they're my kind of band. However, in two albums, I only hear one song which I really think is perfect: Cut You.

Havent seen 'em live. I'd love to learn for myself.

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Author: totaji 
Date:   03-11-17 06:26

The album with they did with Wavves - No Life for Me is probably my fave since their self-titled. It has more in common with their charming lo-fi roots. The drumless tune Nothing Hurts is one of their best in my opinion. It would have fit right in with Turning On.
Whats a great song on their new one? I flipped through it and nothing stuck out.

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Author: STEVE 
Date:   03-23-17 23:06

i was drunk when i said that. i just youtubed their 2017 show and it blew camel dick. the band fromohio had all kinds Microphone troubles, then the sound engeneers tried to cover it up with double tracked harmony vocals. sinful.

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