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 Weezer in Seattle
Author: Delvin 
Date:   04-10-17 12:27

Not a band that gets a lot of love on TP, I know, but it was one of the most fun shows my wife and I have seen in ages. The Showbox was packed to the gills for this one, and the crowd on the floor was really stoked. It's rare to see a band that's been at it for twenty-plus years get such an excited crowd, jumping and cheering and stomping and rockin' out.

Not much in the way of theatrics, apart from Rivers donning a cape and crown during "King of the World." None of the pyro from previous Weezer shows we'd seen ... and no big light-up =w= sign or elevating drum riser. But it was a sweaty, happy crowd that exited the venue after the last encore. We spoke to a guy on the way out who'd taken his two teenage sons to the show; the guy himself had seen Weezer at Red Rocks, years ago.

Hash Pipe
My Name Is Jonas
If You're Wondering If I Want You To
Pork & Beans
Feels Like Summer
Perfect Situation
Thank God for Girls
Beverly Hills
Medley: Dope Nose/Back to the Shack/Keep Fishin'/The Good Life/Surf Wax America
Undone: The Sweater Song
Island in the Sun
King of the World/Only in Dreams
Say It Ain't So

El Scorcho
Buddy Holly
Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori

Opening was a Seattle trio called Dude York. Very rockin' stuff -- a perfect fit with the headliner. They'll definitely be in my show tonight.

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