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 Setlist from last night (05 July)
Author: Delvin 
Date:   07-06-17 10:29

I covered "From Here to Obscurity" for Jerry Bennett last night.

"Babylon" - Sounds Synonymous
"Hurricane Fighter Plane" - The Red Crayola
"Little Sally Tease" - The Standells
"Psychedelic Retraction" - Creation's Disciple
"Open My Eyes" - The Nazz

"Putty in Your Hands" - Jean & the Statesiders
"Lonely Sixteen" - Anne Reilly & the Echo Men
"7:00 AM" - Jacqueline Taieb
"Saturday Date" - Toni McCann
"The Original Surfer Stomp" - Kay Bell & the Tuffs

"Making Time" - The Creation
"Double Yellow Line" - The Music Machine
"Time Machine" - Morloch
"24 Hours Every Day" - The Headstones
"This Is My Last Stand" - The House of Lords

"Till Tomorrow" - The House of Commons
"Hold Back the Sunrise" - Ron Gray
"The Witch" - The Sonics
"Don't Want Your Lovin'" - It's Us
"Fluctuation" - Shades of Night
"Oh Yeah" - The Shadows of Knight

"Imposters of Life's Magazine" - The Idle Race
"Liza Jane" - Davie Jones & the Kingbees
"In the Land of the Few" - Love Sculpture
"Crawdaddy Simone" - The Syndicats

"That's How It Will Be" - The Liberty Bell
"Won't You Listen" - The Outsiders
"Midnight to Six Man" - The Pretty Things
"I Don't Need You Today" - The Morning After
"Wicked Love" - Gil Bateman

"Cinderella" - The Sonics
"You Turned Your Back on Me" - The Scott Bedford Four
"Uncle Kirby from Brazil" - The Countdown
"The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly" - The Music Machine

"Last Time Around" - The Del-Vetts
"Every Night a New Surprise" - The Moving Sidewalks
"Time Will Come" - The Tol-Puddle Martyrs
"The Sun Won't Shine Forever" - The Peacepipe
"You Can't Come 'Round Anymore" - The Lincolns
"I Can Feel It" - Flower Power

With my parents visiting, I didn't have time to pull together anything thematic ... although I did include a "From Obscurity to Here" block (Idle Race/Davie Jones/Love Sculpture/Syndicats).

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 Re: Setlist from last night (05 July)
Author: STEVE 
Date:   07-06-17 19:23

What a way to cover a schedule. keep it Del, and you'll end up with more work hours than you want.

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 Re: Setlist from last night (05 July)
Author: Delvin 
Date:   07-12-17 10:12

Thanks, Steve. I'll be covering the Soul & Funk Express next Saturday, 22 July. That's 3:00 to 5:00 PM, Pacific time. Tune in and get down!

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