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 Yacht music
Author: STEVE 
Date:   07-06-17 23:02

i've never taken a cruise on some big ship with unlimited swimming, food and fifty buck drink tickets. I reckon, i'd end up puking in the pool.

what's the live music like aboard a cruise?

If i choose Alaska, is there a live band to capture the shotgun sounds of hunters shooting defenseless wild animals?
Sad, to think that cruising and hunting, is someone's ultimate package deal.

All i want is the bloody cruise band to locate a loud fast oil and ice slushing sound, something the house band on the Exxon Valdez might play.

this thread reminds me of one rhettlawrence.
come in, rhett!

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 Re: Yacht music
Author: Philippe 
Date:   07-07-17 11:14

All I know about cruise ship music is Sony Bono appearing as the unforgettable "Deacon Dark" in an episode of the Love Boat.

Given the target audience is 70+ I wouldn't expect much in terms of musical quality.

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 Re: Yacht music
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   07-07-17 11:33

Ah, yes. Bono's condescening amalgam of punk and Alice Cooper:

(here, god help us all)

He redeems (*cough*) himself later in the episode with soft rock piano balladry, if I recall correctly. The Peter Criss story?

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 Re: Yacht music
Author: upper90 
Date:   07-07-17 12:33

In a car crash head turn kind of way, this little cruise looks entertaining. I mean have we all not dreamed of seeing Queensryche one more time except with some dude singing that is not Geoff Tate. If you want a little laugh Google about the current state of battle between him and the band. This honestly is one heck of a bill for a weeks cruise, if you are into that sort of music. We need a TP Cruise!

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 Re: Yacht music
Author: zoo 
Date:   07-07-17 13:17

Steve, "Cruise to the Edge" sails out of Tampa every Jan/Feb. You'll get your prog rock fill! I certainly wouldn't mind going.

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 Re: Yacht music
Author: MrFab 
Date:   07-07-17 16:18

I went on one cruise. Just a dj spinning the (s)hits.


We need a TP Cruise!
Heck, yeah! David Thomas (on his little accordion thingie), Tom Waits, and Nick Cave could all sing sea shanties. Backed by the Pogues. Los Straitjackets could do their Joe Meek-inspired cover of that Celine Dion "Titanic" song. And of course, we'd have to have Jack Jones singing the "Love Boat" theme.

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 Re: Yacht music
Author: Delvin 
Date:   07-07-17 18:31

We went on a cruise ten years ago, and it featured a nightly "floor show" of different themed entertainment each night -- pop hits one night, then country, then show tunes ... you get the idea. I know they also had an onboard dance club with a DJ, but that wasn't for us.

Classic rock cruises are increasingly popular, but unless your cruise is billed as one of those, I'm guessing it'll be closer to what I described.

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 Re: Yacht music
Author: HollowbodyKay 
Date:   07-09-17 12:03


This honestly is one heck of a bill for a weeks cruise

"Queeeeeensryche soon will be mak-ing a-noth-er run!

Queeeeeensryche promises some-thing for ev-ery-one!

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 Re: Yacht music
Author: Delvin 
Date:   07-12-17 10:13

Oh jeez, that brought me such a big laugh! But I'm sure it'll be going through my head all day. Thanks, Kay ... I guess.

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 Re: Yacht music
Author: rebelwithoutaclue 
Date:   09-23-17 22:39

I went on a classic rock cruise.One of the bands was reo speedwagon. Every day i wore a rock n roll r ironic t shirt. One sd Stve Earle for president. Another one was Barry Manilow. The lead singer from reo sppedwagon in a very affable manner copliemented my attire.

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