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Author: STEVE 
Date:   07-02-17 18:37

when cop/murder/detective shows outnumber game shows on tv. George Seldes fans know.

unfortunately, the advertisers paying to produce( prepare?) reality tv show contestants these days, demand their money back from their lucky contestant.

stay tuned, TV Trumps Movie Star Ronnie Reagan!

Happy (nearly) 4th of Fourth of July and God Bless America!

p.s. Don't blow your head off with a fucking firework.

p.s.s i sure do miss erikalbany these militant times. I pray he and his family are healthy and happy.

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 Re: Facism
Author: STEVE 
Date:   07-09-17 21:37

Sun 9 Jul 17 update: Kathleen's watching the TV version of "Candy Crush" just now, all is well!

$100,000 PYRAMID with current NFL players!

This shit just got real.

The players are planning to donate a portion of their winnings to their favourite charity as soon as the league finds someone smart enough to beat a contestant.

Satchmo was right,, 'what a wonderful world'

Post Edited (07-09-17 23:07)

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