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 Echo and the Bunnymen in St. Louis
Author: breno 
Date:   07-23-17 01:47

Proving that one ought not wear a trenchcoat surrounded by artificial smoke at an outdoor amphitheater on a 100 degree night, the Bunnymen struggled through an abbreviated set in the Lou tonight as Ian McCulloch twice left the stage, apparently for oxygen treatments, before throwing in the towel. But never removing the damn trenchcoat.

They made it through:
Going Up
Do It Clean
Never Stop
Over the Wall
Seven Seas
Bedbugs and Ballyhoo
Bring on the...(McCulloch departs stage, followed by band)
Dancing Horses (band returns, completes song)
The Killing Moon (as soon as they started it, I turned to my friend and confidently predicted they were cutting the set short, as that was almost certainly the intended closer. McCulloch was gasping for air by the end, and the band once again left the stage.)

As people began heading for the exits, they came out one more time and belted out a ragged but fairly good rendition of "Lips Like Sugar," then called it a night. I hope they got McCulloch to a hospital where he could be treated for heat stroke.

I just wish Bedbugs and Ballyhoo had been later on the setlist. It's the only Bunnymen song I absolutely loathe.

I do hope McCulloch is okay. He was obviously in pretty rough shape by the end of it. Fucking St. Louis summer.

The Violent Femmes opened and put on what was probably a great show for everyone in the first five rows, as that's about as far as the sound traveled. I was lucky enough to have a jackoff directly behind me who insisted on singing along to every song in a godawful Gordon Gano impression, so I did get to hear an approximation of all the lyrics, which I probably wouldn't have if I'd been left to the mercies of the remarkably shitty sound system.

For the record, this is the same venue where the pigeon shat in the mouth of a King of Leon, and that Guns N Roses fans almost destroyed when Axl Rose incited ariot. They would've done the city a favor if they'd burned the shithole to the ground.

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 Re: Echo and the Bunnymen in St. Louis
Author: HollowbodyKay 
Date:   07-23-17 13:58

Time is cruel.

All the recent audio/video evidence I've heard/seen leads me to conclude that Ian McCulloch's once-lovely voice has been reduced to a hoarse croak.

In addition to not wanting to witness that sad reality in person, there are two other factors that will prevent me from conjuring up any enthusiasm for seeing an Echo & The Bunnymen show any time in *this* life:

1.) Pete de Freitas is still dead and ...

2.) Les Pattinson is still shellacking boat hulls (or doing whatever day job he opted to pursue in lieu of being in the Bunnymen).

. . .

Would it be entirely unfair to describe the current incarnation as Electrafixion's tribute to Echo & The Bunnymen?

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