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Author: STEVE 
Date:   07-28-17 01:43

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type in either 'do arabs like jews' or 'do jews like arabs' An innocent, yet thought provoking request right?
The same website with the same top four top commentators using the exact same words(HATE mostly) , on the exsact same webpage to describe the degree of hatred between their peoples. Take that net neutrality.

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 Re: Youtube
Author: hoip chiggs 
Date:   07-28-17 14:13

Can't get enough of Muslim paranoia vids.

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 Re: Youtube
Author: HollowbodyKay 
Date:   07-31-17 11:08


type in either 'do arabs like jews' or 'do jews like arabs'

I dunno. Just rock the Casbah. Please?

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 Re: Youtube
Author: upper90 
Date:   08-01-17 14:36

Or rock the Arab strap......

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 Re: Youtube
Author: STEVE 
Date:   08-10-17 18:20

thanks lads, for finally putting a lid on that little campfire.
Next up, Checkpoint Charlie goes underground or, The Korean tunnel toll booth wars.

Special note: That's another absolutely magnificent illustration from hbk. caption reads "recess"

Better pack the lo-light emitting , quatermass and the pit cave gear this time round mate.

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