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 Has Iggy's Career Popped?
Author: MrFab 
Date:   07-28-17 18:06

That's what I've heard - that his latest, "Post-Pop Depression," will be his last release. And the final track does have him pretty much telling everyone to fuck off. Sounds like a resignation letter to me.

If so, it's an unexpected way to go out - neither crooning the standards nor Stooge-y screaming (his two fave styles in recent years) but a return to his '70s Bowie era. Whatdoyaknow, some new New Wave! "American Valhalla' even swipes the bass synth groove of Gary Numan's "Metal." Whether it's as good as those albums, i can't tell yet, having only heard it 1 and a half times. But the tune they've been pushing, "Gardenia," is an instant standout. Nothing else has really stuck with me yet.

I realize now that I haven't heard anything he's done between his '80s work and the Stooges comeback. If he really is retiring, guess I got time to start checking it all out.

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