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 Iggy v Irma
Author: hoip chiggs 
Date:   09-09-17 11:54

I hear Iggy lives in Florida. I hope he's all right. It'll be him versus the hurricane. While Irma will be packing 200 mph winds, Iggy, even at age 70, still packs a vicious wallop. When the mud and water clears, only one will be left standing as the victor.

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 Re: Iggy v Irma
Author: MrFab 
Date:   09-09-17 17:53

Iggy & STEVE vs a mere hurricane? No contest.

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 Re: Iggy v Irma
Author: STEVE 
Date:   09-09-17 23:42

That's what happens when you mix a texan with a floridian.

a million twenty story beach condo residents' turds flushed on the reefs, coated in oil.

I reckon, Hurricane Irma is an invisible sucker fish (spawn of god, you bet) that comes along every so often to do a thankless job of scrubbing it up.

All we had to do, was just add dawn dish detergent.

Instead, about half of my states twenty million residents, jumped in their cars faster than they could say NASCAR, and tried to hide from a problem. They are like children, waking up and running from their own nightmare.

Not since the Bush Family and Catherine Harris coup, have i felt the raging fires below, fanning the depths of local betrayal, adult narcissism, deprivation, embarrassment and shame.

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 Re: Iggy v Irma
Author: zoo 
Date:   09-10-17 19:34

Steve, I'm still here! Record collection is safe!

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 Re: Iggy v Irma
Author: Post-Punk Monk 
Date:   09-11-17 08:08

zoo - I was worried about you! May your record collection survive it all. Anything else can be easily replaced.

Former TP subscriber [81, 82, 83, 84]
For further rumination on the Fresh New Sound of Yesterday®

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 Re: Iggy v Irma
Author: hoip chiggs 
Date:   09-12-17 10:40

And thus a solitary figure stands on an anonymous intersection in Miami. It's a well-muscled man with veins the size of vines bulging out of his triceps and 6-pack with a Hurricane beaten face. It's the Ig.

"Excuse me, sir, but you've got a cracked wine bottle sticking out of your side," says a tousle-haired kid in the street.

"Ah, it's nuthin," says the Ig as he yanks it out, rivulets of blood pouring down his side. "This is Miami," he adds as he smashes the bottle on the street and rolls around in the shards like in days of yore.

If that isn't pure punk.....

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 Re: Iggy v Irma
Author: STEVE 
Date:   09-15-17 23:09

wonderful to see my fellow statesmen altogether in one (piece?) place. It doesn't really happen all that often. I hope we can all meet Sat, September 23 in ORL at the CHURCH show.

p.s. zoo, i will officillay notify you sooner than later. now, where's my wife's tp teeshirt?

extra p.s. - sozzies Fab, your in LA, not Toland in Texas. Please forgive.

Post Edited (09-15-17 23:14)

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