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 Swervedriver in Austin
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   09-21-17 09:51

Swervedriver played Austin on Tuesday, doing both Raise and Mezcal Head. I didn't cover it, though one of my Austin Chronicle colleagues did. The band is still a powerhouse, making up for their lack of stage banter or demonstrative movement by just overwhelming with a wall of sound. And they encored with a Velvet Underground cover. Setlist here.

This is my third time seeing them in as many years. The last time they came through town it was in support of their album I Wasn't Born to Lose You, and that was a great show as well. If you're a fan, I highly recommend you catch them on this tour.

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 Re: Swervedriver in Austin
Author: Delvin 
Date:   09-21-17 13:18

Their tour isn't coming to the PNW. Too bad for me and Rhett ... But Ride is going to be here on Sunday!

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 Re: Swervedriver in Austin
Author: Heff 
Date:   09-21-17 17:40

Michael - I saw them last week and I got the impression that all of the guitar switches is getting to them. There were a few delays while they had to get everything set up. A hazard with these complete album shows, I guess. No encore for us. Strangely, the lights didn't come up and the crowd (small Tuesday night crowd) was pretty vocal - the guitar tech started breaking down the set was the only clue that they wouldn't be back.

Delvin - Ride kicked off the tour here in DC, in a synagogue, no less! There has been some grumbling about the set being heavy with songs from the new album but I like the album so no complaints here. Near the end when they played "Leave Them All Behind", my wife said to me "They certainly are stretching this out", to which I replied "Nope, that's how long it is" It really is awesome live. After the show, the band came out to sign stuff, a bunch of nice guys. Hope you get that as well.

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 Re: Swervedriver in Austin
Author: Michael Toland 
Date:   09-22-17 08:54

There were none of those delays in the show I saw - they have it down to a science now, apparently. It was just momentum, melody and volume.

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 Re: Swervedriver in Austin
Author: rhettlawrence 
Date:   09-24-17 02:06

Too bad for us indeed, Delvin. I did see them about 5 years ago and it was great, but would love to see them do "Mezcal Head" and "Raise".

And I'm going to miss the Ride show here because of my wife's birthday. Damn.

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