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 Internet Radio Suggestions
Author: upper90 
Date:   09-26-17 13:28

Very sad news, this Thursday my main source for cool music (WNKU public radio) both new, recent and old is shutting down their signal. They had shut down a few of their signals already but one last one was operating until this week until it is no more. There is a Spotify collection called WNKU: 33 Years of Music Discovery where you can see the types of music they played. A mix of just about everything: college rock, indie, soul, jazz, alt country, alternative, funk, on and on. The coolest thing for me though was real show hosts and DJ's, telling you a little about the band, the scene and what not. On Thursdays they even had a short segment on cocktail suggestions from a local restaurant owner and spirit expert which was just surreal. The looks on my kids faces as we drove around and they got to experience a DJ (that was not DJ Khaled) was priceless. If you visit their web site they have many shows archived, not sure how long those will stay up. I enjoyed the Real Mary Peale Show and the 80's New Wave and Punk Mix Tape shows so much.

If you have any suggestions for a similar type real station out there on the internet please let me know. I can find similar style playlists here and there but I desire a real station with actual people talking to me about music. Does it exist? Thanks!

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 Re: Internet Radio Suggestions
Author: breno 
Date:   09-26-17 13:58

The public station in St. Louis, KDHX, boasts a pretty diverse roster of DJs & genres and can be streamed live.

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 Re: Internet Radio Suggestions
Author: upper90 
Date:   09-26-17 14:28

Bookmarked, thanks!

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 Re: Internet Radio Suggestions
Author: MrFab 
Date:   09-26-17 16:18

Sad about the state of college radio nowadays. Lots of free-form stations are being gobbled up by the NPR monster as universities realize they can monetize their stations a la the football teams. So now everyone gets to hear the same Garrison Car Talk reruns. That's bad enough, but shutting down a station entirely seems rather drastic.

Two great stations, both available on line:

- WFMU (which also has a few internet-only stations available thru their website - no FFC regs so they can play bad words!)

Both of which get my pledge dollars every year, esp KXLU - I have a number of friends who DJ at the station so I better pledge or they'll rat me out on the air! (Err, you wouldn't do that, would you Delvin?)

Speaking of which, our own Delvin's fine show, but I'll let him hep you to that.

I don't really listen to KCRW anymore (too much brunch music nowadays) except for Henry Rollins' Sunday nite show.

Post Edited (09-26-17 16:19)

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 Re: Internet Radio Suggestions
Author: Delvin 
Date:   09-26-17 17:14

Thanks for the lead-in, Fab! And no, I wouldn't rat out anyone for not pledging.

KSER, out of Everett, WA, is not an NPR station. It does get a few syndicated shows through Pacifica, but mostly, it's home-grown content. It offers a wide range of music programming, including my own show, "Twenty Flight Rock," Monday nights at 10:30 Pacific time.

If that's too late, the station offers a replayer page, where shows are archived for two weeks following broadcast. No podcasts, sorry.

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 Re: Internet Radio Suggestions
Author: upper90 
Date:   09-27-17 09:06

Thanks folks. Actually no NPR is a plus for me, don't want news or car talk etc.. Just music and a DJ.

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 Re: Internet Radio Suggestions
Author: jothoma 
Date:   09-27-17 14:02

We had a station at California's Central Coast near San Luis Obispo called K-Otter (KOTR 94.9) that existed from 1985 until the early 2000s. They labeled themselves as Freeborn Freeform Radio and they would play virtually anything from old blues to 60s psychedelic to R.E.M. and Replacements. They had two turntables, three cd players and a microphone and the DJ's would all bring records from home and you got to know each DJ's individual tastes and likes. I always fantasized that if I won the lottery I would revive the station. Who cares if I only had 12 listeners!!!

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