TP 62
TP 62 June 1981
Blondie's second cover appearance merited a fanciful cartoon treatment (sorry about that, Clem). At least there was a clear photo of the guitars we were giving away. (That's a funny story. We went to a lot of trouble setting up the contest with record chains and radio stations in several cities, and then the national winner, chosen completely at random from thousands of entries, came from our own backyard, Brooklyn, which looked fishy even though it wasn't. Then the grand prize-winner arrived at our office, in the flesh, to collect her booty, a guitar we were drooling over and couldn't afford to buy. She didn't know how to play, asked if it came with a cable, thanked us as if we had given her directions to Sixth Avenue and then went on her way, as unexcited as she could be. We were crushed.)

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