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We cannot find an entry matching your request, but that doesn't mean we don't have information on this artist. Try some of the following tips:

Try entering only the first few letters of an artist's name if it is difficult to spell (Einstürzende Neubauten, for example). Using the above example, entering "Ein" will return a successful search for these noisy German lads. The same technique works for album title searches. Refrain from entering common name fragments like "St" — you'll end up with a long and unwieldy list.

Check our alphabetical artist lists (click here for that list). All artists with featured entries in are on these lists, which are divided by letter. Subentries, like the Jimmy Pursey listing under Sham 69, are not on these lists. However, they do appear in search results (see below).

Some misspellings are acceptable. For example, a search for "Sara McLaughlin," a common misspelling, will still turn up the "Sarah McLachlan" entry. Utter butchery of an artist's name won't work, but if you come close, chances are good you'll find what you want. subentries are searchable (the Tin Machine listing under David Bowie, for example). However, unlike main entry searches, you have to spell secondary artists' names right. A successful subentry search will list the subentry artist's name (Tin Machine) but will link to the main artist's entry (David Bowie).

If none of the above works, the artist probably does not have an entry on our site. As of yet, many artists who started their careers after 1996, when the Trouser Press Guide to '90s Rock was published, are not included. We'll work to bring the site up to date in the future. If you think we're missing an important or notable artist, please contact us.